Ideas, thoughts, and proofs of concept

  • Flutter Common Errors

    Entrypoint isn’t within the current project Delete folders: .idea, android, ios Close folder in Android Studio Close Android Studio Under Flutter project run: ‘flutter create .’ Open Android Studio Open project

  • My blog on AWS

    A time ago, I decided to start a blog to write experiences and ideas, including exciting and newfangled things; after some posts, I moved to another cloud provider to experience the actual process, configurations, and all the required steps to work in this new environment.

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  • Paquete Context en Golang

    Índice Introducción context.withCancel context.withDeadline context.withTimeout context.withValue Conclusiones Introducción El proceso de una aplicación requiere generalmente el envío de datos de request entre rutinas, por ejemplo: un token de autenticación o un parámetro recibido desde un formulario.

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